Awaken: Stolen Past

Awaken: Stolen Past

Chapter 1: The cold mist.

The waves splashed roughly upon you. Its cold, not as a winters chill, but a dark and cloudy spring day. 

You look around, wearing only tattered rags, you immediately feel the hunger and thirst take hold of you. You look around the beach, and see a pair of others nearby, in the same condition as you it appears. You quickly spring to your feet, and quickly notice your differences. You're the only member of your race. Amongst you, there is a human, and elf, and a gnome. What diversity. You quickly scrounge the area for supplies, and once the need for food and drink is sated, you gather weapons and supplies from the wreck. 

You gather to introduce yourself to the others, and realize you can't remember anything about yourself. This inspires a slight panic, but you soon see that your companions are in the same condition. You all decide working together is the best thing for survival. 

You see movement in the mist, and are soon in battle with the forces of the undead. The fight is hard, but you prevail. Fatigued from the battle and awaking on the beach, you agree to search for shelter. A high cliff stops you going inland, and faced with left of right being your only options, the party chooses left. 

You find a place to rest, under cover of bushes, and manage to regain your strength. Still unsettled by the loss of your identity, you search your mind for clues as to who you were, when it dawns on you that this may also be a fresh start.

After encountering a few more undead, you also engage in battle with a group of raiders, they speak Norse, a language known to only one of your party. After you kill many of them, the remaining raiders flee.

Not long after, you come across a new feature, nearly obscured by the heavy mist.  A large gate. After a conversation with the gate guard, you are allowed in. Your weapons are taken, and you are brought to the local inn and told to wait. You are to eat and rest,  and will meet the town elder tomorrow. 


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